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I am a Registered Nutritionist in Rickmansworth and member of the British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT), who ensure its members maintain the highest professional standards to protect client interests. I am also registered with the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC), the Department of Health sponsored regulator.

My practice employs the Functional Medicine approach, which treats each client on individual terms and approaches their health in a holistic way. I look for underlying reasons for ill health, including family history, genetic predisposition, lifestyle, and environmental factors. Our work together is not just about addressing symptoms. Improving nutrition plays a major part in not just our health but also determines how we age and how our bodies deal with chronic and degenerative conditions.

I like to form a close relationship with clients, educating them in terms of how diet effects their physical and mental health, and empowering them to make the necessary changes to diet and lifestyle. Increasing the consumption of whole foods is key to improving health. We will work together to do this in a way that suits you.

So, if you require an approachable and effective Registered Nutritionist in Rickmansworth, Northwood, Amersham or Watford, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

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Why I Became a Nutritional Therapist

Having suffered from digestive issues, fatigue and high stress levels in my 20’s,I eventually went to see a nutritional therapist. The recommended changes to my diet and lifestyle turned my life around. Previous long-term gut issues were resolved, my energy increased, and I felt better than I had in years.



Kitchen Nutritionist in Rickmansworth

Nutritionist in Rickmansworth



Some time later, I was made redundant from my job in the City, consequently deciding to retrain as a nutritionist in Rickmansworth – completing a degree in Nutritional Therapy while bringing up two small children – having been so positively influenced by the recommended diet and lifestyle changes. Over time I began seeing children with autism and other learning difficulties, which has escalated as a result of many satisfied families recommending my services to others in their support groups.




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BSc (Hons) Nutritional Therapy

I frequently attend training seminars and webinars in order to identify new areas of research within the nutrition field and offer a wider breadth of solutions to my clients.


Recent training and events I have attended include:

  • Cogence Functional Immunology – Dr Samuel Yanuck (ongoing)
  • Functional Immunology; Unravelling Inflammatory and Auto-Immune Dysfunction - Positive Health Podcast (December 2020)
  • Neuroinflammation Clinical Strategies and Treatment Applications - Regenerus (December 2020)
  • The Bionexus Approach to Autism Spectrum Disorders - Jodie Dashort (November 2020)
  • Revolutionising the Treatment of Mental Health With Nutrition - Positive Health Podcast – (June 2020)
  • Demystifying SIBO With Dr Jason Hawrelak - Invivo Healthcare (May 2020)
  • Making the Most of Our Genetic Inheritances - Lamberts Healthcare (January 2020)






I needed some help getting my nutrition on track to regulate my body's reaction to hormonal changes. Nicola put me at ease straight away and worked with me to create a plan I could work with. She was not interested in setting me unachievable goals. With recipes, some realistic dos and don'ts and some affordable supplements, I know I am now equipped to make positive change. Nicola gave her advice with clear, scientific explanations that mean I understand why I should make the changes and how it will help. No fads, no gimmicks and a bespoke plan for me. I would highly recommend contacting Nicola to empower you to make the nutritional changes you can. Many of us struggle with issues and don't seek help - just talking out what your challenges are and having a plan to put you in control of them changes how you feel about those challenges. Nicola's real-world advice was collaborative, tailored to me and entirely doable. Well worth the market rate price she charges.

H, London






I have known Nicola for many years. She is an excellent nutritionist, giving clear and helpful advice. She has a supportive approach, seeing her clients as people rather than a list of symptoms. Nicola has helped me through perimenopause and the menopause with knowledge and practical advice. I would thoroughly recommend her.

C. Pinner



Nicola Shannon supervises my family's diet for over a year. Her professional advice helped us to make significant changes to our diet by adding more nutritional and healthy value. Nicola's expertise in the field of diet, supplements and available medical tests supported additionally a positive change to our healthy nutrition.

K, Kent




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I work with adults and children suffering from a range of issues, from chronic conditions to autism. To learn more about what I can offer you as a Registered Nutritional Therapist, take a look at my Services section.

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