The Consultation Process

What to Expect from the Nutritional Therapy session

Before the initial consultation, you will be sent a detailed questionnaire for you to complete and return before the consultation. This allows for pre-assessment analysis of any possible nutritional or biochemical imbalances to be carried out in advance of the consultation.

Initial consultations typically last 75 to 90 minutes, and will assess the following:
• current health concerns and goals;
• symptoms;
• medical history;
• family history;
• diet;
• lifestyle;
• levels of physical activity;
• use of medication; and
• use of supplements.

Using the extensive evidence base for nutritional science, a personalised, safe and effective nutrition and lifestyle programme with be devised for you. This will include any detailed explanations and recommendations that were discussed within the consultation and may include a supplementation programme which will be tailored to your individual needs and budget.

Follow up consultations are generally after 2-4 weeks in order to monitor progress and make any necessary adjustments. Further follow-ups may be required depending on each individual situation.

Follow up consultations may be held over the telephone or Skype.

It is natural to have queries or concerns between consultations, therefore email and telephone support is available where required to support you in making the necessary changes to your diet and lifestyle.

Diagnostic testing

Diagnostic testing is occasionally recommended where appropriate. Home testing kits can be supplied to measure for levels of nutrients in the body, toxins or hormone levels, the presence of bacteria, yeasts or parasites as well as allergies or food intolerances. It can also assess digestive and liver function. These tests involve samples of stools, urine, saliva or blood to be collected by the client themselves which are then sent to a laboratory for examination. Results are sent to the practitioner who will design an appropriate dietary protocol unique to your needs, delivering fast and effective results.

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